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TextbookRebellion.org is a movement of students, parents, professors and organizations inspired to take action against skyrocketing college textbook prices. The textbook publishing industry is broken. We’re raising awareness of the problem of textbook affordability and seeking solutions, like open-license textbooks. Please sign and share our petition so we can bring change to this industry.

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Apr 15 '11

4/15/11: Another big week in the Rebellion!

Hey Textbook Rebels!

Big week—let’s review it, shall we?  

The Oregon State Legislature’s session came to an end last week without legislators approving a task force to study ways to lower textbook prices. The failure to make progress on the bill was yet another sign that students need to take this movement into their own hands, showing legislators and administrators that high textbook prices are a vital issue and that we need solutions now!

Digital textbook publisher Kno received a $30 dollar investment from Intel, but bloggers from around the web speculated on the repercussions, with many asserting that this meant the end of Kno’s attempts to build an iPad competitor and a likely focus on apps for smartphones.

eCampusNews posted a fascinating analysis on how the decision in the Google Books settlement case could affect the textbook market as well as the digitization of books as a whole.

And Mississippi State University’s student newspaper, The Reflector, wrote an insightful piece on all of the ways students there are looking to duck high textbook prices

OH—and we’re heading to OHIO very soon.  Viva la Rebellion!

Until next week—The Rebel Team

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Apr 4 '11

TextbookRebellion.org went to New York City’s biggest pillow fight at Union Square!

Students gave the Evil $200 Monopolist exactly what he deserves - a big HIT in the face.

Too bad they were only using pillows…

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Apr 2 '11

Open textbook choices - free online, affordable licenses for local print-on-demand & ePub - or an affordable soft cover.  Affordable to anyone + formats to meet everyone’s needs = win.

Be a rebel.  Take charge of the future of textbooks.  Sign the petition today.  http://www.textbookrebellion.org/petition

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Mar 28 '11

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Mar 25 '11

A Problem with a Clear Solution

The U.S. Government Accountability Office estimates that textbooks and supplies make up 72 percent of tuition and fees for a student at a two-year public institution; and 26 percent for a student attending a four-year public college.  Compared to conventional textbooks, open textbooks can reduce student costs by 80 percent and are the best long-term solution to textbook affordability, according to a report, A Cover to Cover Solution, by the StudentPIRGs (Public Interest Research Group).”

Think about it - how many more people could afford to go to school if open textbooks were the first place educators looked to find course materials?  How many could afford to stay in school?  Or how many students would do much better in school because they could work less and study more?

The solution is clear - join the rebellion.  Stand with us to let educators, administrators, and legislators know that the status quo isn’t working.  But we’re not just complaining.  We’re offering a solution.

Be a rebel.  Sign the petition today.  http://www.textbookrebellion.org/petition

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Mar 16 '11

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